ICast - Team Flex stick anchor

Was contacted earlier in the year from the guys at Flex Stick Anchor's from Texas would be coming to Orlando, FL for ICast 2014 and wanted to book a charter to get some fishing in when the event was over. 

Tim and I arranged the charter for 5 anglers which is way past my normal charter group number, I tend to only take 1-2 anglers at a time to make sure they are getting the proper experience they are paying for. I do however make exceptions when its a group of anglers who are experienced and need little assistance or guidance from myself. These type of days are still taxing on my patience and tackle but the beauty of kayak anglers is we're all pretty laid back people and are usually just happy to be on the water. 

The guys wanted to sleep in a little bit since of the ICast chaos so we met up at Capt Hooks  my normal charter meeting location at 6:30am and all though they told me they were bringing their own kayaks I wasn't expecting them to show up in this amazing Mercedes Bus/RV and awesome custom trailer. I really didn't want them going down certain rds do to size and well just how damn nice the thing is. So my first prime location I planned on taking them went out the window right there. 

So I decided on a second spot an area that I usually don't start fishing till later in the season but it gave us the proper wind protection we needed in the morning and the water levels were deep enough so it surficed. We saw plenty of fish although they may have been spooky. The grass was thick but fish were stacked up around the thick grass spools ambushing any prey swimming past. 

I set the guys up all with a Zoom Fluke paddle tail with a 1/16oz worm gap hook and we immediately saw plenty of tails and signs of fish. 6 guys traveling together is kind of noisey so the fish were a lil spooky but we managed a few nice reds, as well as trout, and I got my second biggest trout in my new Predator 13. I've caught bigger in other yaks but this was the second biggest for this new boat. 

In the end everyone had a great day, we shared plenty of stories, and I was able to show them all the great features of the new Predator 13. 

Kayaks Used

Predator Series

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