Norwegian Fjords

This was the 2nd visit to Norway for the Ocean Kayak UK fishing Team . We flew over from London to Tronheim in April of this year with the hope of a good weeks fishing. Phill Dale at the Skarnsundet Fjordcentre Hire's out 4 Trident 13's, which are the perfect fishing platform for the area.

The fishing turned out to be a lot harder than last year, with the average fish being 3-5lb, where last year it was 5-8lb. I did manage to winkle out a few Cod around 9lb and Coalies to about 3lb, nothing huge.

No 20lb Cod like last year, but the fish here are absolutely stunning and really well marked. A pleasure to catch whatever the size. I tried to fish in 160m for the Ling. Problem was, this week there were really big tides and fishing at this depth with the wind and the tide wasn’t without it’s challenges. I decided to shelve it on this trip as it was becoming too dangerous.

Mid week we loaded the kayaks onto a trailer and drove down the coast to Leksvik to try a new mark. It turned out to be a great decision. The drive there was amazing; thick forest and frozen lakes made for a great spectacle. I was fishing with 4-6" shads and picking up small Cod, but I knew there must be bigger fish out there. Time to unleash a dead bait! I paddled out into slightly deeper water and dropped down a whole Herring. No more than two minutes later… the rod went solid. I knew instantly what had taken the bait, unmistakeable take! I radioed to fellow AOTW Pro staff member Keith Ward and excitedly shouted “HALIBUT ON!” He frantically paddled over whilst I was on the first retrieval, It was just breaking the surface as he arrived. Keith noticed it looked lightly hooked but it dived for the depths again anyway. They really do like a train... After the second retrieval, I agreed the hook was looking dodgy. I needed to gaff quickly or risk loosing the fish. I gaffed it in the lower jaw but the fish didn’t take too kindly to it. It went ballistic! I tried in vein to control and then drag onto the kayak, but it took all my strength just to hang on! After a lot of wrestling it decided to go back to the depths.

What a fish and what strength they have! Awesome fight. It was estimated at 40-45lb. I hope I get chance to go back and hook another one. Next time I'll be better prepared.

Kayaks Used

Trident Series

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