Kayak Ice Fishing

Well I knew it was going to be cold, but I didn’t expect the reservoir to be frozen over! A combination of -3 degrees and no wind produced approx. 3-4mm of ice. Not the best for kayak lure fishing! As I’d travelled 45 minutes I decided to give it a go anyway, It was really hard work, I had to break the ice with the paddle on each stroke and in hindsight, should’ve put the kayak back on the rook and gone home…. I persevered, making small area’s about 10ft across to get a lure down to vertical jig.

Nothing was tempted and with being restricted to such a small patch, a blank was on the cards. I reeled in and set of further up the lake and found a very small area in the shallows with no ice, water was only about 4-5ft and weedy. This paid off as half hour later I had my just reward. Only a Jack but a VERY welcome sight. Really, really like the Predator MX deck space. The unhooking mat sits in there perfectly and with the high gunwales, there’s no escape!

Time was marching on and I set off for one last go in the ice covered deeper water. I made my hole and dropped down. Wallop, straight away a fish on! Thought the noise of me breaking the ice would’ve scarred the fish away, but no. Only another Jack but again, really happy. Happy with my 2 fish, I called it a day just after lunch.

Kayaks Used

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