Keep your Spouse Invloved

“Hey honey can I go with you”?  To some guys, this may sound like the worst thing they’ve ever heard as they’re heading out fishing or hunting. We think that now, since our spouse wants to go with us, that we will lose our “Man Card” or lose our private time to get away, if we say yes. I disagree-I think recreating with your spouse is important, but so is our private time to fish and hunt alone (don’t worry guys, I have your back).
It’s important that we clue in our spouse in what we do to better help them understand it. Maybe by taking your spouse fishing, she may understand why you love it so much-thus easing the pain of going out every Saturday morning. And who knows, maybe she’s into photography and she can get some good shots of you? Because now she will understand why and see the joy it brings to you. Now, I’m not saying you have to take them every time you go, but it is important to include them into our little world of being outdoorsman. Being an outdoorsman, whether you hunt or fish, can sometimes cause ripples in your marriage. I know we all want to go out all day on opening day of deer season or whatever season it is- and most of us do with little to no resistance. But, for the other side who have kids or other responsibilities, it is important to include those in decision making for when you are leaving. Now, I say all that to come back to the initial point of the importance of recreating with your spouse. By keying them into what we are as outdoorsmen, it will help them understand that we are providing food for the family. It is important to them to feel “in the loop.” For instance, I fish a LOT and I’m sure my wife isn’t thrilled every time I head out, but I always like to extend an invitation to her to come with me and fish. In return, she usually declines because I’m getting up at 5 a.m.- but she appreciates the fact that I thought to invite her. These simple  activities can enrich a marriage, by spending more time together, while doing something you . And in time, she may learn to love it as well. So spend quality time together, and you both may come to learn something new and exciting about each other.

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