Kindergartners Learn about Marine Fish

Before I begin, I must admit this post is not directly related with my amazing Malibu kayak I have named Charlie but I had so much fun last week I had to share. Last Friday Marc Hensel, Ph D student at UMass Boston, and I had the opportunity to  video chat with kindergartners in Denver, Co who wanted to know what it was like to be fish! It was such an amazing experience to engage with students about the underwater world and more so, students who were 100s of miles away! Before our lesson, the students thought of 15 questions to ask us ranging from “How do fish breathe?” to “What would happen if sharks ate spiders?”  We decided to review fish anatomy (pictured above, you can see a student using her pectoral fins to steer) and how fish eat to answer their questions. In addition, we went over different ways reef fish protect themselves.  My personal favorites were having spines like a lionfish and puffing up like a pufferfish to appear larger (photos). Our video chat was only 30 minutes but seeing how excited these kids got about marine fish definitely made my week!

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