Let's go fishing

Over the years, I have met thousands of people.  Many of them kayak and many of them that are just starting out. The one thing that I tell all of them" if your looking to start kayaking and kayak fishing try the one you're looking at before buy it  . Most shops will apply a rental towards the purchase of a kayak. If you can't do this I wouldn't buy it. Most of all buy a name brand kayak. Just like everything else you get what you pay for.
Know let's get fishing. 
With spring right around the corner and as the water temperatures warm up more fish start moving in for the Gulf to are bays. Some of the best areas to target these fish is to work areas around Corpus Christi Bay like, Ingleside. Portland shoreline, the Laguna, shamrock and dead man's hole. Working the sand pockets, grass beds and deeper holes for your best success. On this particular morning we decided to hit the Laguna.
 Having made up my mind the night before to do a one way. We parked a vehicle at the end and launched from the Humble channel area. Paddling south with a light north wind we were able to drift very slowly  and with the water being crystal clear we were able to see and work all of the different   holes,drop offs and grass beds a ll the way down Laguna shores.
Taking our time and working these areas slow we were able to catch lots of mid-range trout and a few redfish. I can tell you one thing if we would have had some bait we would have caught our limit of drum. I saw several schools drum as I was drifting, Unfortunately none of them would take what I was offering. 
Because the water was so clear I was able to see certain places that I wanted to throw. Well, in one of those spots I was lucky enough to hit a 28 inch trout. That was a lot of fun and the commotion that she made on the surface was incredible.   Many of the trout we were borderline keepers but, we had a few 17 to 20 and one 28 we could have kept. The handful of red fish that we caught  were 18 to 26. We were out to have a good time and didn't keep anything.  Our gold was to get out on the water and have a good time and that we did.
On this particular morning the fish seem to like a paddle tail soft plastic more than straight tail or suspending bait.  all of the colors we were throwing wear dark : root beer, plum, and morning glory. We were working them at a slow and at steady pace. We worked our way down five or six miles and I must say it was very nice not to have to paddle back. There are many places from Rockport to Corpus that you were able to do a one way drift. If you ever get the opportunity I would suggest you go.
Will see you" on the water. 
Capt.Fill Spencer  
Johnson outdoors Premiere Pro.

Kayaks Used