Lucky Wahoo

Fishing is very unpredictable. You can plan everything prior to your trip, check maps, current, weather, temps, moon phases and even barometric pressure to see if they are biting, but sometimes luck is just on your side and everything falls in place almost effortlessly.

I believe this happened to me that day when I went out to the deep waters of South Florida on my Trident 13 to target sailfish, and ended up catching something completely different. The night before, I went to Bass Pro Shops and geared myself up with some nice Trokar circle hooks, 50 lbs Flouro Leader, a bridling needle and some rubber bands to get those goggle eyes ready for some sailfish action.

So far so good, everything was going as planned... woke up early in the AM (check), drove up to the bait shop (check), bought some goggle eyes (check) and launched right before sunrise (check). Once I got to the desired depth I decided to get my bait ready, kiss it good buy and wish it good luck! My buddy Jorge was there with me that morning and we decided just to drift until something took the bait. It was not long before when I notice the rod slowly bending and soon enough the reel started screaming. I get on the radio and scream: FISH ON! and the battle starts! I've caught two sailfish before so I know for a fact they love to put up an air show worthy of the Navy Blue Angels, but I see nothing jumping, just hard pulls and the reel screaming. I think to myself, what can this be? A tuna? A false albacore? Mahi? Nah, they jump too! hmmmm maybe a kingfish, but no way, this thing is pulling too hard! and after a few more runs and my kayak being dragged around for about 15 minutes I finally see color under the kayak... a long fish of silver color... and I say, ahh,,, it is a kingfish. I go on the radio a bit disappointed and tell my friend Jorge as I look down: Don't worry man, it is just a..... wait! I see stripes! dude... it looks like a.. it is a wahoo!!! The adrenaline comes back and a million things run through my mind! I have a wahoo on the line! Oh my god! I have no wire! If I lose it, no one will belive me! I gotta get this thing on board ASAP! Sure enough I was somehow able to get him close to the Trident 13 without getting him to freak out and that is when he met my gaff! 

Remember when I said sometimes things just work out because they're meant to be? Well, this fish had a perfect hookset on the back end of his jaw... any sudden movements that would've brought the line to that toothy mouth and I would've lost a catch of a life time. This beauty weighted 19 lbs and I have to say that it was one of the most exciting catches so far! I hope it isn't the last wahoo I catch because they sure put up a great fight! I hope you guys enjoyed my story and tight lines!

Robwil Valderrey

Kayaks Used

Trident Series

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