Mass Open Tournament

Mass Freedivers had their 2nd tournament of the season. There were 24 divers on June 22nd at Gooseberry Point, Westport Mass. It was a perfect day, no winds and the water was calm. We all took off at 9am and headed in different directions to our spots. I decided to head to Hens and Chicken reef and start my dive there. When I came to my location I anchored my kayak and put on my fins, mask and grabbed my Wong gun and jumped in the water. We had about 12 to 15 feet visibility.
 My first species of fish I needed to catch was 3 togs. During my dive at this reef it was difficult finding togs which had to be 18” for the tournament size. I kept diving in this area and said to myself I’m not going to give up hunting togs in this area. The diving was in shallow water, about 6 to 10 feet of water. I saw my first decent size fish, I took aim from the surface and shot my spear gun, I missed the tog and he started to swim away from me.  I followed him while I was reloading my speargun. By the time I loaded my gun he was gone. I said “oh man how can I miss a fish this close to me”! So I kept diving and diving around the reef and not seeing decent togs yet. I took a breath and heading down to the bottom, while I was laying there I looked to my left and saw a nice huge tog swimming fast, I aimed and shot him. I headed to the surface and started pulling him up to me. I finally landed a decent fish. After a couple hours diving I also shot a nice scup.
I decided to hop on my kayak and head to another reef to see if I could find some togs. When I arrived at the other reef I met with Ricardo. We talked about how many fish we shot so far. He had a couple nice togs already and was trying to find one more and shoot some scup in this reef; I told him I only had one tog and one scup. So we both jumped in the water and started hunting for more fish. On my second dive I saw a nice scup swimming alone, I took aim and got a nice shot and landed him. After about half an hour I got on my kayak and headed to another reef because time was running out and I did not have my bag limit yet.
 When I arrived on my 3rd reef and anchored my kayak, I jumped in and was hoping to land at least two more togs. I dove in this area for about half hour and shot my 2nd tog. After another half hour did not see any decent togs to shot and time was running out. So I jumped back on my kayak and took my gear off and paddled back to the beach area where we were going to have the weight in.
After we had the weight in and announced the winners of the Mass Open Tournament we had awards and prizes for the top 3 winners of the day. It turned out to be a great day and everyone came back safe. I placed 8th from 24 divers that attended. I was happy with that. Till next time. 

Kayaks Used

Prowler Series

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