Matanzas River Painted Red(fish)!

Saturday morning I woke up with 1 mission in mind, SLAY REDFISH! With the holidays and the cold fronts that have seemed to stay in out area for 2 weeks the fishing was SLOWED.... I looked at the forecast, checked the tides and knew exactly where I wanted to fish and what I wanted to fish for. 

I loaded up our gear, picked up my father in-law and set out to complete my mission. As I was driving up to the launch I noticed the negative low the tide charts were predicting and knew it was soon to be game on! We made our respective paddles to favorite flat of the crew at YakAngling and went to work. I am an artificial guy, but i knew today live mullet would be the key and with the low tide we were facing catching the mullet was no issue (except for the 4 extra times I had to do this to keep up with the hungry Reds). As soon as the first line hit the water it was FISH ON!!!

The bite continued for hours. Redfish after Redfish after Redfish. Every cast was an opportunity to set the hook. It really felt as if we were fishing in a barrel with slot to over sot redfish! There were countless double ups and even 3 triple ups as 
Joseph, Nick and myself landed nearly 100+ redfish from the 20"-28" range!

Usually by mid day we have to face the exhausting paddle against wind and current back to where we launched, but today was much diifferent. We were tired from fighting so many redfish! All fish fought like they were bull reds and all were released to see another day, and we left them still biting!

Great day on the water with my family and most likely best fishing trip I have been on to date!

Kayaks Used

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