My tournament Experience

On July 17 about 1030 in the morning I began to pack for my upcoming trip to Nebraska for only my second tournament ever. Needless to say this took me a while to do. After countless checks to make sure I had everything that I needed and even stopping on the road to check that I had some things I couldn't remember packing I was on my way just after noon. It was a 9 hour drive to the city of Wahoo Nebraska and the only companion was my ocean trident 11 that rides inside my suburban with me. I arrived to find some good friends and fellow Kayak Wars team mates had already arrived before me. After I got the campsite set up I proceeded to catch up and tell stories of the past year over a few beers before bed. 6 am came early and the pre fishing began. It was a slow start as what I was used to catching bass from where I was from wasn't working as well as I had hoped. I had to rethink my game plan completely. I did catch one little bass the day of pre fishing and I new that wouldn't cut it. I finished pre fishing that day and proceeded to the bon fire and get together that was planned where I met some more old friends and even got to make a bunch of new ones. Kayak fishing in the Midwest is blowing up like an atom bomb and there are more and more people getting into it every day. It is nothing short of amazing!!!! On the morning of the 19th the wind was calm and the temperature was just right, and watching 49 boats put into the water as the sun rises and breaks through the clouds was one of the most inspiring sites I have ever seen. After role call and a quick safety meeting the horn sounded and we were off to hunt for those large mouth bass we missed out on the day before. The morning bite was great with people using anything from top water to tubes and Texas rigged soft plastics. People where also fishing everywhere from the banks to the massive amounts of trees. I stuck to the trees and my Texas rigged worm and started to find the fish. I did hook into 5 total bass and three of them were able to get away from me. I caught one on the Texas rigged worm and one on the baby bass colored pro ripper lipless crank bait from Livingston Lures. I did also catch a half dozen crappie that day too, but that didn't help me out for the tournament results. At 2 o'clock the tournament was over and I proceeded to the tent to document what I had caught. I placed 17th out of the 49 people who participated and that was ok by me as the real winners of the tournament to me was Heroes On The Water Heartland chapter which all the proceeds were donated to that great cause. In conclusion I learned that there are some amazing people in the Midwest that call there kayaks home on the water and that bass from state to state are different enough to be a pain to catch without the right gear. For next time I will prepare my tackle box a little better and I will have to bring more beer for all the new good friends that I made over this weekend. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I will have memories and friends that will last me a life time.

Kayaks Used

Trident Series

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