Nice to see close friends

With our social lives at the lowest point they have ever been, meeting up with one of our closest friends was the best thing a weathered river rat could ask for. As soon as he got out of the car we went in for a hug. I caught myself smelling his hair, very odd thing to admit smelling another mans hair but goodness I really smelled myself at that moment.

I smelled my long johns that needed to be thrown away at the end of my A.T. section hike last year! My girlfriends alpaca socks that when she sees the condition of them will murder me. My grandfathers down jacket that when I started wearing it on this trip had that old dingy well clothes get after being in storage for so long. I love and miss that smell already compared to what it has taken on now, indescribable.

After the smelling comparisons were complete we set up camp and started a fire. We share stories from our trip and stories of him touring the East coast to promote his A.T. film. It felt good to hang out with someone I spent so much time with in the woods last year but something was missing… a lot was missing.

When we hiked together we called ourselves the human caterpillar, referring to how close together we all were moving through the woods like some smelly caterpillar. The other four members of our gang were missing. There are many days that I get dreadfully lost in my thoughts while kayaking that I replay days hiking with all of those characters. We all brought an amazing balance to the group that we both miss on this trip. There is only so much that me and the ole Caveman can talk about but when Coltin showed up for a day, It brought back memories of the caterpillar.

We both tried to talk the other into giving up on our adventures and join the other but as you can see it did not work. I wish the best of luck to my good friend Coltin as his life is going through some amazing transformations. As we were saying our good byes that we really don’t want to say we tell him “we will see you in Louisiana!” Still a good distance off but hopefully having all of us together again will be my new kayak stew.

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Kayaks Used

Looksha Series

The Looksha series is a family of outstanding sea touring kayaks with excellent tracking, performance, glide, and overall handling characteristics. The longer models are popular with multi-day sea kayakers, pro expedition kayakers, outdoor programs, and tour companies, while the shorter models (12-14) provide touring kayak characteristics with increased stability. The latter are popular for day tours and shorter overnights. Each Looksha is shaped and meticulously constructed with all-day comfort and enough room for all the gear a trip calls for. These models are long-time favorites in the San Juan Islands, Inside Passage, Coastal Maine and Nova Scotia where the ability to carry lots of gear, handle rough water and cover tons of miles effectively are highly valued. Read More