Old Town's New Predator

ORONO, Maine — Luke LaBree has developed a little test designed to show tentative anglers exactly how stable the new Old Town Predator fishing kayak is.

Stand up. Turn around. Take a step backward. Forward.

Yes, in a kayak. And if LaBree has had to rescue any of his kayak-testers, he’s not saying.

“They stand up and they get this expression on their face,” said LaBree, the marketing communications manager for Johnson Outdoors Watercraft, parent company of Old Town Canoe. “It’s like, ‘Wow!’”

LaBree isn’t just marketing Old Town Canoe’s latest, greatest product. He’s also testing one of his own. And he said he’s constantly amazed at what the 12-foot Predator MX, and the 13-foot Predator 13, can do.

“I’ve taken mine and walked from the back to the front,” LaBree said. “[I’ve put] both feet on one gunnel. I put all my weight on one side. And it doesn’t tip over.”

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