Pike Fishing

Had a great day exploring a new body of water in central Maine. I geared up my OT Predator early in the morning and launched on the water by 8am. While this trip did not yield any record-setters, I had an amazing time with my father as we experienced a quality late morning bite. I landed my first largemouth bass and my first northern pike from a Predator MX, and after boating some more beauties, I then began chasing my first fish on the fly rod from the MX!

Unfortunately due to circumstances (mainly my truck needing repairs) I was forced to leave my Predator at my residence in Maine. I am returning next week to retrieve my incredible 'yak and bring it back to Massachusetts, where I have some unsettled business with North Shore striped bass, and river carp on the fly rod...

Kayaks Used

Predator Series

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