Recent Exploits in the Pred 13

     Had a couple solid finishes in local tournaments here over the past few months fishing out of the Predator 13. I am absolutely loving this yak! Gets me to where I am going in a heartbeat and is an absolute dream to stand up and pole around in when sight fishing. This is such a great boat for the flats fishing application and I am honored to be able to say I fish from one! 

        Fished a weekend long local tournament put on by our Facebook page for area fishing reports. We had just at 50 entries. I fished with my friend Rafael, a fellow Predator owner, and we wound up with great finishes. He took 3rd place and I was able to manage a 1st place win as well as check in Biggest Redfish. Had a blast and the Predators no doubt delivered, even against many motorized boats in the field. 








Last week I was able to participate in the 5th Annual Fish Skinz Redfish Tournament. The bite was tough on account of just coming off both a full moon and a cold front. My target area was a 6 mile paddle north against a stiff headwind but the Predator  cut through it and got me up there with minimum fatigue. Managed to pop a 42.5" Redfish early on. We had a 20 minute window where the brisk north wind stopped and we were able to do some sight fishing. We found strong numbers of very large 50"+ Redfish that would just not eat for us. After 20 minutes, the east wind kicked in strong and our window slammed shut. When it was all said and done, I had put in over 15 miles on the day.  My fish was enough to secure a 3rd place finish, and My Predator and I were the highest finishing paddlecraft in the tournament. 




I've been having a blast fishing out of this kayak and strongly feel that it has improved my fishing. Very honored to be blessed enough to be on the AOTW team and fish out of this outstanding kayk! Thank you for such a killer product, Old Town! 

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