Rhode Island Open Meet

I attended the Rhode Island Open on August 9. The day started be nice but the winds were picking up. My plans were to go toward Beaver Tail Light house and try to hunt at that location. When the tournament began at 9am I started paddle south towards Beaver Tail. The winds were behind my back and help me getting there a little fast. After half way going to my spot I decide to hit one spot and start diving there. After a couple hours had no luck finding fish in this area. So I hopped on my kayak and started heading North. The winds started to pick and a heavy storm was coming towards me. I thinking this is going to be fun heading back.
My next stop was about half mile heading back toward the tournament area. I stopped at my next spot thru the anchor over board and jumped in with my gun. I dove there for about 1 hours or so and still had no luck finding desent fish in this area. I started to worry and was getting a little frustreded that I could not find fish. I said to myself to be positive and I  will find some fish . I started thinking that I should go to the next spot because I only had about 1 hour left to return to the tournament area by 2pm. The winds started kicking and then it started raining real hard. It was difficult paddling to my next spot against the winds and the rain. When I arrived to the spot I jumped in and started looking for fish. I only had less than an hour to try to shoot at least  my 3 togs for ponts, and hopefully find a stripe bass also.
I new that I only had very little time to hunt on this spot. After about half hour a manage to shoot to nice togs. I realized I needed at least half hour to get back or I would get DQ from the meet. I hopped on my kayak and headed back. Right before the entrence of the beach were the meets started I decided to jumped real fast and try to shoot at least one more tog before I go in. I only had about 5 minutes to find one fish real fast. I lucked out and shot my 3rd tog. I rapped it up and headed back. I just made it to the tournament area 5 mindutes before 2pm. It was a difficult day finding fish, but I least I got 5th place and shot some fish for points. Here is my photo of my catch for that day….

Kayaks Used

Prowler Series

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