Rhode Island Open

On Aug 3 we had the Rhode Island Open hosted by RI Club. The tournament was held at Weatherill, Jamestown. It was a decent day for this meet. I got there around 7:30am and unloaded my kayak and started setting up my gear and kayak to get ready for the 9am start. My plan where to go to kettle bottom first and dive there for about 45 minutes then head up to beavertail. It’s about a 2 miles paddle from kettle bottom. I dove there for about 45 minutes and did not see any decent fish to shoot at. So I unhooked my kayak and headed to beavertail. When I arrived there I decided to drift dive with my kayak so I could cover more grounds. After about an hour drifting I shot two nice decent togs.
I jumped on my kayak and started to head back North a little. I stopped at another place near beavertail and anchored there. I dove there till around 12:30pm and after this dive I did shoot another tog, bass and two nice scups. I said to myself I should start heading back to the weight in location. The winds did picked up quit a bid. It took me about 1 ½ hours to get back. When I got there I did notice some divers had some nice stringer and said to myself it’s going to be a tough weight in. After I weight my fish, the president of the club announced the standing. I came in 4ht place that day. I was off by 4 points to get 3rd place. That day I missed two scups and those would have giving me 3rd place. Anyway it still was a good day and I was happy with 4th place.
After attending and competing all 4 open tournaments hosted by CT, MA, RI and NY clubs during the season I placed 4th place in the North Atlantic Championship. I was very pleased that I did so well this season. Now I could go out and dive for fun and not worry about any more competition till next year. I will continue writing stories about my fun dives adventure during the end of this dive season. Till next time.

Kayaks Used

Prowler Series

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