Sakonett Point

I went diving the other day with my friend Vlad to Sakonett Point. The day was nice, but the weather forecast announced that the winds will pick up to 20 knots in the early afternoon. So I told Vlad we should dive early and try to be back to shore around 1pm. We headed out around 7:30 am that day to the first spot about 2 miles out with are kayaks. When we arrived there we anchored and dove there for about an hour. I shot a nice tog and Vlad shot two nice black sea bass and a nice tog also. We decided to start heading back to shore. Luckily Vlad had a fish finder on his Kayak and was marking a big cloud. He jumped in and shot a nice 25 lbs stripe bass. When I jumped in the bass where gone. He lets keep going around this area till we find them. After about 15 minutes he marked them and I jumped in and shot one, but when I was trying to get the bass to the surface I notice I did not get a good shot at him. As soon I had him to the surface I grabbed his tail and landed him. He was about 22 lbs.
We continue looking for them and we found them a couple times around the same area, this bass where moving around fast. Vlad shot another nice and one and I missed one. After a while we could not find them anymore. So I told my buddy lets head back to shore and dive around the island to see if we could get are limits togs and maybe get another bass. By that time the winds did pick up and we had are limits and decided to head back to shore. WE had a great day and here are two pictures of my catch. Hope you enjoyed the story.

Kayaks Used

Prowler Series

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