Seatrout Meuniere

Serves 2
2 Spotted Trout fillet
1.5 Lemons
1.5 Stick of butter
1/4 cup Marcona 
Salt and pepper to taste
Make sure trout fillet is dry (very important for a good sear), over high heat lightly salt and pepper the fillet. Get a good sear on the “face” side of the fillet-this is the side that was not connected the backbone. Once seared, should be a golden brown color. Turn over fillet in pan kill the heat and leave in the pan for 5-7 minutes this way it will finish cooking without over doing it.

For the brown butter sauce, take your stick of butter an put into a medium-hot pan (don’t try to do this too fast) let the butter become foamy once the butter is fully melted and starting to foam, squeeze the lemon in the pan. After maybe 2-4 minutes the butter will start to take a brown color to it. Kill the heat and take the pan off the heat, the butter lemon mixture should look like an amber-colored beer- not burned (you will be able to tell).

Then take your almonds and put on a cookie sheet in a 325 oven until they start to smell nice and toasty.

Now, the plating and the eating part- take your fish out of the pan and plate it.  Take a tablespoon and spoon some of your brown butter sauce on top and finish with your toasted almonds. This will give you a great tasting fish, with some subtle nutty notes in a very classic preparation, that is also very user-friendly. Serve with creamy mushroom and Parmesan risotto.


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