Second Season Red's 1ST WEEK OF OCT 2008

 We have wanted to get on the second season of the reds as they migrate out of the bay. We were either going to the shoals or the infamous Sandbridge. The swells calmed down for an easy surf launch so Sandbridge was the destination.
Lee and I paddled out and set up on an area that held a lot of bait flickering around. We soaked mullet on the bottom and waited for the screaming run of a red. My rod was the first to scream. Half way through the fight when he ran down, I realized that I have never  fought a big red in deep water. On the shoals the fight is in six or less feet of water, the fight is faster and horizontal. Lee hooked up about two hours later. The fall fish are so much fatter and heftier than the spring time reds.
 The next day Zach and I paddled out a little later. Damien showed up way later. Zach and I set up closer in from. We all hooked up. At first we thought we were using the wrong bait, mullet. Damien landed his on a live crab! 
  If you want a good shot at a big red, Sandbridge is the spot. Its also a lot easer and safer than the shoals. Paddle out way past the pier, find some bait action and drop it down to the bottom. Get ready, hold on and GET ON’EM.  

Lee's 45"er


Zach reaching for the leader.


Zach with the 'scoop'



Kayaks Used

Prowler Series

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