Shark Bait Bonito

"It was the weekend of the kayak fishing tournament in Pompano Beach, FL," said Ocean Kayak proKwanza "Kayaking" Henderson. "Fellow Ocean Kayak Team member named Tony Lai from Tampa hit me up on Facebook about fishing it, but he didn't have a place to crash for the night. I told him he could stay at my place. Well as we all know the night before fishing no one can sleep, besides me LOL. Tony was up and maybe had 1 hour of sleep.  
I set my alarm to go off at 4:00am EST, but ended up getting up at 3:30am EST to put my Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra 4.7 on the back of my truck using a bed extender. As we pull out of my drive way we head to Walmart to get some ice, snacks, ice, and a few drinks to stay hydrated.
Now that we have all of our goodies from Walmart, it's time to hit up Ace's Bait and Tackle off of Federal and 13th street for a few gogs. As soon as we pulled up a friend of mine named Daniel Garcia was there to greet us with a "Good Luck bro! I'm excited, how about you?" That actually made a world of a difference because it reminded me to just have fun.
Now that we're at Pompano Beach pier the water is flat and maybe 3 mph west winds if that. There were a lot of kayak anglers there. About 117 of us lined up and ready for the horn to blow. Once the horn blowed you just see waves of kayakers going out trolling live bait and me trolling a 1/2oz Rat-L-Trap chrome color. I didn't want to use my live bait until I got away from the compacted traffic to avoid tangling lines.
Now I'm in 100ft + of water and I drop down my Victory Lures 7oz Dart jig and BAM I got my first hit. I was really hoping that it wasn't a bonito because for some reason I keep catching them no matter what. I even gave myself the nickname Bonito Whisperer. Welp after a 5 minute fight guess what I pull up? Yup, another bonito. I didn't record that one nor was I upset because again I rather be catching then not.
As the day progressed, the fish kept coming and they were ALL bonitos besides the time I got cut off. So I noticed I wasn't getting anymore bites on the Dart, so I switched to the Victory Lures 3.5oz blue jig and on the first drop in 200ft of water BAM again. This time I just knew it was something different and not a bonito. The first started running towards the surface so fast that I thought it spit the hook. Then I saw a big flash and immediately I knew it was a shark.
I yelled "Shark" and then my line peeled off like it was no tomorrow. At this time I still didn't know what I had and I wasn't about to lose it because it could have been the winning fish. As I'm holding on for dear life my kayak takes off like I had a trolling motor on my kayak. I was thinking it's you or me shark! I won the battle, but lost the war when I say that it was another Bonito. That was it for me. I packed my things up and headed back to land, but I did stop every other 10ft to jig in hopes of hooking a last minute fish, but that never happened. 
At the end of the day all I can say to myself 'I had SO much fun and wouldn't allow the negative comments I've been hearing from a few small guys about me catching bonito.' In all it was a good day to be on the water, but later on the storm came in and I was home with my beautiful wife, daughter, and getting ready to drive to Tampa to PARTY. Tight lines and have fun. Never allow people to take the fun out of your joy/fun. I Am The Bonito Whisperer! Remember it hahahahahahaha! Until Next time, tight lines!"

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