Shark on my honeymoon

For years me and my friend had shark fished with from a boat or we would paddle our bait out and fish from the beach. I told him one day I was going to catch one from my kayak. So in June of 2013 me and my wife got married and went on our honeymoon in Maeathin Key Florida. I had caught me some mullet for bait, went out and started drift fishing in my Trident series Ocean Kayak. My wife was in her trident asleep about 100 yards from me when my Daiwa SALD2spd start peeling off line. I picked it up, tightened the drag and set the hook. Half between me and my wife(sleeping) a 6 foot blacktip shark came leaping out of the water. It jumped 4 times before my wife woke up, never getting a pic of its aerobatics. It pulled my a little over a half mile before I got it in 30 mins later. Very exciting, that topped the honeymoon off great!

Kayaks Used

Trident Series

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