Son's first Sturgeon in Kayak

My son Fynn, 7, enjoys fishing with me, but doesn't really have the bug like his little brother Rowan who's only 4.   While Rowan would be happy to spend 8 hours on the back of my Predator 13 fishing for sunfish and perch, Fynn gets bored after an hour and the prefers to paddle around.

In hopes of encouraging his love for the sport, I purchased a Tetra 10 Angler kayak for Fynn.   Whereas before he had paddled a 12 foot Dirigo, which was way too large for him, this kayak is more appropriately sized and one that will continue to be great for him as he grows.

I hadn't anticipated taking Fynn out fishing this past Friday, but he asked to go.   The waters in the rivers here in New Brunswick only recently thawed and are still only around 42F, so accidents here could be quite dangerous.   However, knowing Fynn and knowing how good this Ocean Kayak is, I had no fears.

Fynn loved his kayak from the start, and though he has a lot of work to do with his paddling techniques, he felt right at home on the river.   Now if only the fish would bite!

About 45 minutes in and neither of us had caught a fish so we were thinking this might not be the day... then Fynn hooked one and the game was on!    The sturgeon pulled him and his kayak around this way and that, and Fynn struggled to hold on!    Not having the arm strenght or the techniques quite down Fynn had to work hard for close to 10 minutes before finally getting the fish to surface.   Once next to him in the water, I paddled over to assist, lifting the sturgeon out of the water and onto his lap.  


The video we captured with the unfortunately dirty GoPro is here:


Fynn at 7 is now the youngest kid we know of to catch a shortnose sturgeon solo in his own kayak.    Next week, we'll have the kayaks out again, this time for trout, pickerel or perhaps even the elusive striped bass!

Kayaks Used

Tetra Series

The Tetra is unlike any other Ocean Kayak we have introduced to the market. Sleek and sporty, this low profile craft has clean lines and glides through the water with ease. Equipped with the unique Comfort Hybrid seat back the Tetra is ready to ride the minute you hit the water.  Available in the 10’ or 12’ lengths this kayak is perfect for day trips, kayak angling or a casual paddle after work. Read More