Storm Chug Bug

Weathering the Storm
The Swiss army knife of top water baits
I have been using the Storm Chug Bug for about a month now and I have to say it has been the most productive and versatile bait in my tackle box, by far. I bought it in the Mullet pattern which is a popper style bait, I was going to use it for inshore saltwater. But, it has proven to be way more versatile than that. I have caught everything from largemouth Bass, Redfish, Jack Crevalle; even an Alligator Gar took a swipe at it. By far though, its biggest fan is Snook-I have been crushing Snook with this thing both big and small. I think the popping action, coupled with the rattlers inside, drive these fish crazy. So if you’re looking for a great all around bait for your tackle box, look no further than the Storm Chug Bug in the Mullet pattern.

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