Striped Bass Blitzing

I was on the water at 5am to pre-fish for a NH's Wildside TV shoot later in the moning. I also hoped to land my first striped bass of the season from a kayak. It didn't take long to locate schools of smaller stripers. Terns were working overtime and upon closer inspection I could see boils directly under the birds. I threw a variety of lures, but 4" soft plastic swim shads and my new signature series (Whisperer) lure were apparently on the menu. It took some work to keep up with the stripers, but at least I had the terns to guide me. There were a few bigger fish mixed in, but we didn't land any keepers today. Some days twenty smaller fish are as fun (or more fun) as one big fish.

By: Tim Moore

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Kayaks Used

Predator Series

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