Sturgeon Battle

It all started out as a phone call from my Michigan Kayak Fishing team mates saying Sturgeon are worth big points in our Kayak Wars Tournament. My first thought was yep, go ahead without me because catching a fish half the length of my kayak doesn’t sound possible, second thought was this could be quite a ride.
Saturday I headed to St. Clair with my Kayak and largest net Bass Pro sells on a mission to catch a sturgeon. Team mate Dan Marshall fills me in on the best spot in all of St. Clair to hook up with one of these fish. Around sunset my reel took off and I set the hook and then it was game on.
I’m thinking this is probably a big cat fish until this huge sturgeon launched its self out of the water right in front of team mate Dan Dalton who was running video. I had my kayak anchored up very well to keep in one place in the current but the small anchor was no match for this fish. It took me a mile down the channel stripping line out until it turned and drug me half the way back to where we started.
During this epic one hour battle where I thought I’d end up down around 9 mile road and someone would pick me up, the fish wrapped my anchor rope and made things more interesting. When I finally got the fish in the net I went to lift it up on top of the kayak to take a picture and bent my net.
Next I hear team mate Lucian Gizel yelling over by the shore to get paddling over here so we can get a picture. Dragging the fish and having anchor rope and 50lb braded line wrapped from my light to my paddle I made it to shore. The fish was exhausted from dragging me around so we snapped one picture and set my paddle next to it for a length comparison and quickly released the fish. He took right off and we estimated the 61” fish would of weighed around 80 lbs. Hope you enjoyed my story.
P.S. You get time check out, our team MKF is leading the world in fresh water!!

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