Take a Canadian Fishing Day

The cast...my best friend Tina who lives here (a Canadian), her cousin Brenna (another Canadian), my friend Kimberly (a Floridian), and me, Jean McElroy (a Floridian too!)

Brenna flew into town for the weekend to visit Tina and to walk with us in a Cancer Fundraising event in West Palm Beach in memory of Tina’s mom.  Tina mentioned to her a few weeks prior that we could spend Sunday Kayak Fishing.  Well Brenna rescheduled her return flight just so she could try out kayak fishing!

Wind Forecast on fishing day morning….15-25+.  Hmmm, I have a newbie on the water so that could suck out on the open flats. Just as I was thinking that….the gusts started blowing through the trees while I was loading the kayaks and gear.  I decide we’ll hit the Loxahatchee River where there are some twists and turns to hide out from the wind.

We were supposed to leave at about 10:30am…..those damn Canadian women didn’t arrive till 1:30pm!!  Okay, okay, I really needed to just get over it, so I tell them no worries, the tide will be better when we arrive.  That part was true, but I had been anxious to hit the water for a couple hours.  I even had my car already backed out of the driveway and facing the correct direction in the street with the trailer…lol.  Now I’m finally able to text Kimberly to let her know we are headed out fishing if she wants to join….of course she does. (Smiling face)

They arrived!

Excited to hit the river and catch some fish...

FINALLY we are at the Boat Ramp, I unload the kayaks, load up the gals, Kimberly and I go over some fishing basics with Tina and Brenna …and off we go fishing.  You can feel the anticipation in the air. Kimberly is the first to hook up… “it’s a Bluefish!” she says.  I paddle over to capture a photo…GONE….”it was a Bluefish!” I say. Oh well, I know she’ll catch another one. ;)

We are ALL using DOA Curl Tail artificial lures with 1/4 ounce jig heads ;)
A short time later I hear Brenna screaming she has a fish on.  Remember, this is her first EVER fish captured on a kayak. She was spinning in circles all over the place… of course it was a Jack Crevalle.  The joy on Brenna’s face with her first fish on a kayak was PRICELESS! Her smile never stopped and neither did mine.  After a couple more Jacks and a really nice Bluefish, Brenna was able to manage the fish safely and release on her own.



Then moments later, I hear Tina yelling. She has a bend rod and is totally excited!  She now has a nice Jack on the line too.  (Let me tell you a very quick funny story about Tina reeling in her first fish with me a few years ago.  It goes like this... she reeled the fish all the way to the TIP of the fishing pole with a huge proud smile on her face.  I calmly said “Tina, How are you going to get the fish off the hook?”  Oh my God, we laughed and laughed about that one forever.)  Okay moving on… she knew what to do this time and executed it very nicely.  Way to go Tina!

Tina kept holding the fish in front of her face, so this is the best shot. lol

The day continued with Jacks and Bluefish for all.  Not only did we have a beautiful Florida Sun Shower, we had a double rainbow followed by calm winds...the water was like glass. Really was a perfect day!


Oh, and we can’t forget all the “looks” from the people on boats as they pass by four women on kayaks, fishing in the rain… a few stopped just to watch us carrying on while fighting fish.

Celebration dinner at Hog Snappers in Tequesta Florida before saying our goodbye's.

Written by: Jean McElroy

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