The Dawsonville Downpour

Our CKF loaded up our gear on the Thursday before we left that Friday. We had looked at the weather and saw where it was going to be raining on the way down there and on Saturday during the tournament. We got up early Friday morning and headed to the lake in Georgia to do a little bit of pre-fishing. We arrived in Dawsonville about two and lucky for us the rain had stopped. We unloaded our yaks and drained the water out of them and then headed out. The layout of the lake was like any other type of reservoir. It had a depth of thirty five feet at its deepest and two foot at it’s shallowest. There was also seventeen acres of sunken timber and that’s where we headed. We only had one bite our pre-fishing day on a white rooster tail in the sunken timber.

The next morning of the tournament it was as we expected, raining but it was a light rain. We met the other teams at the launch, put the boats on the water, and set off at eight o clock. We paddled all the way to the north end of the like, which was about two miles, and started fishing in some rip rap and ten acres of sunken timber. We split up and worked some timber before the bridge tunnel while Trey and Taylor headed to the tunnel. Taylor landed a thirteen and half on a pumpkin finesse worm fishing at the entrance of the tunnel. Then Trey Helms landed an 11.5 on a Bill Lewis Lures Rattle Trap. I soon followed with an 11.5 fishing a Zoom green pumpkin shaky head. We noticed the clouds start rolling in and we headed to our last spot before the rain fell down. Trey headed to another spot of timber and caught a 12 inch on the Rattle Trap again.

How I came up with the title is because when we got to the dam around twelve thirty, the bottom fell out for a solid thirty minutes. It rained so hard that my rain suit was no longer repelling the rain, but absorbing that water. So this tournament earned the nickname “The Dawsonville Downpour”. We left the lake at two to head into the weigh in store. We placed third with a total of 37 inches because my fish got disqualified, with Taylor Minton placing third in the individual division. We could not have done it without our amazing sponsors; Mann’s Bait Company, Rattle Trap, Yak Gear, Double Catch Lures, Yak Wear, Backwater Paddle, Eagle Claw, Johnson Outdoor, Optic Lures, and Castalia Outdoors. We are proud to represent your company and so thankful to work with you, yall are the best.

Our teams travel to Wetumpka, Al for our next tournament on April 26th