The First Club Outing

It was a nice and sunny weekend in the city of champions; Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We had an off weekend and the weather was just too nice to pass up. Interested members who rented kayaks for this weekend was told to meet up at ten at my apartment. Everyone showed up on time but one of our officers, who slept through the three alarms he had set. He showed up about ten minutes later with his truck and we loaded the rest of the kayaks and were heading to Lake Nicol. We got there about eleven and it was a day kayak fisherman dream of; little cloudy and no wind, perfect. Our members got all their stuff together and we launched. We stayed in a group so everyone knew where everyone was at.

The members who brought their fishing stuff broke out their gear and began fishing. Some broke out the soft plastics while others broke out Shad Raps and top water baits like buzz baits. We began pounding some grass that was located right off the shoreline knowing that this would provide the fish with cover from the sun plus great spots to ambush prey. We had a couple of strikes but no one brought one into the boat until my cousin and officer, Trey Helms, brought one in fishing in a shallow spot overhanging with trees and caught the fish on a buzz bait, nice catch Trey. About that time it was hot and we took a break and decided to take a swim in the lake, proving that we are not your typical kayak fishing club. After swimming for about an hour we decided to paddle around the end and catch up to two members who went ahead of us. One member had caught a small one but did not take a picture of it. Then I found the fish and was on them for a while. I noticed a small pocket off to my right with grass lining the edge of it, seems like a good spot. I paddled into the grass and under a tree for some shade. I tied on a Zoom six inch Cotton Candy lizard on a slider hook and cast out not too far in front of the grass. Not three times bringing it up from the bottom, Boom!! After missing the same fish twice, I finally landed it; my estimate was about a pound and a half and maybe thirteen inches.

I continued to fish the same spot and caught a couple of more; but even though I was on them, some members were struggling. I spent the last little bit of the trip helping out some members catch a fish, but had no luck. We then paddled back to the shore and loaded up and went home, satisfied with the day.

Even though some members caught fish and some didn’t, that wasn’t the highlight or the point of the day. It was the commoridty that you felt and had with these people. It was a feeling of friendships and connection with people, but also a feeling of peace. When you get out on the water and start to kayak fish, all your troubles seem to disappear. In today’s modern world, it seems like there is trouble and problems everywhere we turn; when you feel the peace and tranquility that you get from kayak fishing, you will feel like you’re in another world

Kayaks Used

Vapor Series

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