The Maiden Voyage

After finishing up this past semester at University of Maine in Orono, I finally had the time to pick up my brand new Predator MX. All I can say is:


This kayak is elite; the maneuverability and stability are unmatched, and to say it’s a comfortable fishing environment would be an understatement. Within hours I had this bad boy packed up and ready to go, and the fish were soon to follow.
My first catches in the Predator were nothing to be marveled, so I refrained from photography and chose quick, healthy catch & release. A couple small northern pike and a healthy 2lb largemouth bass constituted today's modest haul.
I’m ecstatic for all my future kayak experiences this summer. I can say without a doubt, I’m officially the apex Predator on my favorite waterways.

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Predator Series

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