The Rookie and The Reeler

Now the first trip was with the avid kayaker  a.k.a the “Reeler” – his name is John and we went to high school together. I went south to meet up with John in Rhode Island along the Blackstone River for some River Bassin. He currently uses a sit on top kayak but has never tried the BGII. We launched along this narrow canal, approximately 25ft across and 7ft deep in the middle. The sides of the canals were only about a foot deep.  About 5 minutes into paddling I felt we were going to be doing some “close quarters combat” fishing due to all the fallen trees, overhead cover and narrow passageways. The river itself has this prehistoric feeling about it.  It was nice since the trees shielded us from the winds. John was using a more of a finesse approach and tied on a texas rigged worm. His strategy was to work the fallen trees, brush and other cover the river presented.  I however wanted to try a bold approach. I decided to use a big-big double willow bladed spinnerbait in the deeper part of the river - Something that would shake up these sleepy waters!  I am going to let John talk about his experience in the Big Game II:


“I still can’t get my mind off how comfortable and capable that kayak was. I have spent many hours fishing from numerous kayaks in my life time and what always gets me to quit is my butt hurting. It's a nagging pain that even when I am having a great day fishing, can lead me to the shore. The Ocean Kayak I used was like sitting on a sofa. The stability was amazing as I have never once been able to stand on a kayak. The ability to stand up also seemed to help us fish top water, which is how my friend landed 1 of his 2 fish. I fish a lot of shallow ponds with frogs and chatter baits. Standing up and being able to see how my lures action is or what kind of hit I got makes a big difference. Standing also helps keep the line from tangling with the lily pads.  I can say that standing up while fishing makes the experience much more exciting. Another pro I had with standing was paddling and being able to look down upon what we were fishing; being able to see the huge Carp we came across. I was also very impressed that for an almost 13 foot kayak it did maneuver very well. We had to go around and under a few downed trees and had no issue. . Overall I loved his kayak. Comfort while fishing keeps my mood up. I didn't even get to try it in rough conditions, so I am definitely looking forward to trying it in the ocean. Rating it 5/5”

I was very thrilled that John had such a good time in the new Big Game II. Now, I am not keeping score or anything. But – I did catch more fish with the spinnerbait... The trip was overall a success to me because I was able to go out on new water, with a new boat, with an old friend. 
It was time to head home. I had a new adventure on the water tomorrow. I was taking my good friend Sean out kayak fishing. He’s incredibly new to fishing as well as kayaking. Let’s see how the Big Game II would handle “The Rookie.”
Now Sean and I were friends who went to college together. He is not big into fishing yet, nor has he had a lot of experience kayaking. I decided to take him to my favorite backwoods pond. This pond requires some walking through the woods…and I only have one kayak carrying cart – eh, this will do.

So we finally arrive at the pond. Overcast with variable winds ~5mph. Water was 'tea-stained,' very shallow pond (7ft at deepest spot.) It would periodically rain from time to time. I believed this really helped keeping everyone else from fishing - we had the place to ourselves. And since it was 80 degrees we didn't feel cold in the rain at all. I decided to throw my three summertime baits: A weedless frog, a pitching crawfish, and a big buzzbait.  After some coaching on good casting form and lure action, Sean was good to go.

Now I love fishing the Slop - throwing and horsing out anything that happens to smash the frog. Got my best fish of the night ~3lbs Largemouth. The other 8 (all ~1-2lbs) fish I caught on the buzzbait in the open areas between the lily pad patches. However, I was starting to feel bad since I was hooking up on fish but he wasn't getting anything. Now I am going to fish for a minute and let Sean tell you about his experience in the Big Game II:

“Some of the things that stuck out first to me were the ways it looked and all of the places to put gear. As a noobie I was not sure what a lot of the spaces were for and after asking Greg about them I was amazed to see how many using parts the kayak had. The kayak was very easy and light to two man carry from the car to the lake and can easily store all of the fishing supplies inside it when carrying it. When finally at the lake I found that it was very easy to organize and store my two rods, tackle box, paddle, and assorted extras (sunblock, water, food etc.). Once in the water I was pleasantly surprised that paddling was very easy and I picked up a good pace very quickly with not a lot of effort needed. After paddling down across the lake I found a spot I wanted to fish at and stopped. I was nervous standing up in the kayak as I had never done it before and was afraid I might flip it. I learned that day it is actually very easy to stand up in the kayak and caste my line without falling out or flipping over. The kayak was very stable and steady when I was fishing. When I was sitting and relaxing in the kayak in between castes or setting a new line I really liked how the chair was comfortable and supported my lower lumbar region of my back. This was awesome as I could recall from years ago when I used some other kayak that by the time I was done my lower back hurt a lot. I continued to fish for several hours in the Big Game II and paddled around with ease. I was lucky to catch one big mouth bass in the kayak and had no troubles at all reeling it in. When I was done I carried the kayak and realized I had a great time with no downside. I would strongly recommend using the Big Game II to anyone that is looking for a new kayak.”

This was the first bass that Sean has ever caught. He took it with that bright-colored buzzbait behind him.  Sean finally caught the bass at the end of the night. Poor guy barely knew how to set the hook.
Hilarity did follow watching him battle this mighty sea monster. Pull-Reel-Pull-Reel-PULLLLL-PuLL-PULL.....oh yea!- REEL!-REEL-REEL-REEL....... You'd think it was a tuna! Nonetheless he caught this little beauty and now he is hooked; wants to go again!
So there you have it – two days, two different fishermen, two different fishing spots.  All with the Ocean Kayak Big Game II.
Thank you to Ocean Kayak for the support!

Until next time, Tight Lines and Fishy Tales!!


Kayaks Used

Prowler Series

One of the most popular angler kayaks on the market, the Prowler 13 combines performance with features. A large bow hatch, an oversized tank well and several places to mount fishing gear, the Prowler 13 was designed to produce results. Read More

Prowler Big Game II

Designed for anglers looking for a high capacity fishing kayak that will easily carry all the necessary equipment, the Prowler Big Game II offers ample room and outstanding stability without sacrificing performance. With six removable mounting plates, the Element seating system, and plenty of storage you'll be ready for a full day of comfort and fully prepared to battle. Read More