The Simple Things

I'm a simple man. I like to keep things basic with my fishing things. To me, less is more - especially when it comes to filming...but I'll save that for another day. 

Keeping things basic lessens the chance of forgetting something. On my kayak, everything has a place when transporting, as well as when I'm in the water.

Here are a few of the small and often overlooked things on the Predator MX that help me keep things simple.

There is a gear bag on the back of the Element Seat. In it, I keep a Plano 3740 Guide Series Waterproof Box to keep my tackle stowed,  a few small micro-fiber towels, leader material, and a few snacks. Everything is right there, out of the way, and within easy reach.

The other simple, yet excellent feature that assists me is the fishing rod retainer bungees located on either side of the seat. Since I live in a second floor apartment, being able to keep my rods secure while getting my kayak down the stairs is it keeps me from having to make multiple trips up and down the stairs at 5 am. They also hold my paddle, a monopod with a small action camera, or a stakeout pole.

These are just a few of the things I dig about the Predator MX!

I'm curious to know - What sort of things do you stow in your seat-back-pocket?


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