This Weather Is For The Birds

Well since I fished the tournament I haven't been able to go offshore like I want to. This florida weather is so unpredictable I can't stand it. You wait all week for the weekend to go fishing and when the weekend is here the weather is crappy. On the other hand during the week when I'm at work the weather is beautiful and my co-worker/owner of the company I work for always tease me about it LOL. He say's to me "You got to go fishing" and I reply to him "Working is getting in the way of my fishing" LOL, but seriously I just don't get it. The weekend is almost here and I brought a bunch of goodies back from iCast that I want to try out.

After going to iCast with my Pro-Staffers of Johnson Outdoors, I brought a lot of goodies back I talked my way into getting from different vendors LOL. Shout out to all of the vendors who gave me the demo items! Before your mind go crazy on the things I received, it was small items like lures and stuff, but awesome ones hahahahaha. Anyways, there's one particular lure I am dying to try out that I saw at iCast made by Savage Gear. I litereally was at the Savage Gear demo tank for about 20 minutes at a time and just was amazed by what I was seeing. I never saw a lure that looks, move, and act like the real thing. It didn't help that their booth was like a skip and a hope away from Johnson Outdoors which again (clearing my throat) won Best Boat and Best Show. I mean literally a skip and a hop away. I know I probably got on Mike from Savage Gear nerves ". Mike was awesome though and I ended up buying 2 of the lures.

It's Friday mitches, is what I'm playing over and over in my mind. Fishing is on my mind and using everything I have to throw at fish. I'm trying to get something to bite that I'm going to have a hard time bringing up. That's how I'm thinking right now as I write this, so this Sunday better be on my side in the morning until I'm done or else LOL. As I look at the weather, the thunderstorms are at it's peck and there's a big storm coming. Before that big storm comes I want to bring my big storm and fish my Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra 4.7 and bring dinner home. Anyways, everybod please pray for good weather and pray that a brotha get a chance to go out and fish. Also, pray I catch something else besides BONITOS. Those things has been stalking me and I can't get away from those boogers ugh LOL.

That is all. Kwanza Kayaking Henderson out like WHAT!

Kayaks Used

Trident Series

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