Why stop at one?

  On a recent tarpon fishing trip with my buddy Mike Yaudes. The bite was on we had fish flying everywhere, but wasn't really putting any fish to the boat. We were just more interested in seeing them in the air I guess. Until I made a comment we need to get some fish to the boat for some pictures. So we started fighting the fish with more finest instead of lets see how fast we can get them in and ended up capturing some good shoots on the camera.tarpon-020-(2).JPG
  I got home and had a little something to eat and decided why stop at one? Down here in Florida we have slams which everybody tries to do while fishing the flats or inshore. Which consist of Snook, Redfish and Trout. This is what I shoot for every time when I'm fishing, its all practice for the big game. Then we have the grand slam that is a little trickier to do which consist of Tarpon, Snook and Redfish. I have only done this twice in my lifetime. So its a big deal to me and aways try to do it when I have the tarpon in the bag. So next time you have the fish in the bag ask yourself why stop at one.snook-013.JPGsnook-015.jpg

By: Tony Lai

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