Trident Ultra 4.3/4.7 Anchor Trolley

Quick Fit anchor trolley – Trident Ultra 4.3/4.7

Quick Fit full length anchor trolley – Trident Ultra 4.3/4.7

Having had a variety of Ocean Kayaks over the last couple of years I’ve found the following set up quick and easy to install, plus no drilling is required. Whilst the threads are US UNF to fit the pre fitted mounts on the Trident Ultra I’ve shown metric sizes for the parts. All fittings should be marine grade stainless steel  316 or A4.

This is a basic set up, you may wish to add cam or zig zag cleats.

What you will need:

2 x lancing or large pad eye, 46mm between 6mm hole centres.

2 x small pulley (approx. 240kg)

1 x carbine hook with eye, 70mm x 7mm.

1 x  4mm x 30mm stainless steel ring.

2 x 5mm twisted D shackles

2 x bungee toggle balls

length of bungee.

Dyneema 4mm braid.

1 x mini clam cleat.

4 x 10/32 x 3/8 UNF studs.

Place the pulley on the bungee loop and tie off and slide the toggle over the knot. Fix this to the mounting holes with the eye and studs. Same for both front and rear.


Place the twisted shackles on the line guides and re attach to the kayak.

IMG_0002 IMG_0003

Place the Dyneema braid through the pulley. The top line goes through the shackles, this is a relatively friction free operation and the other line sits underneath to prevent it crossing the deck.


Tie the ring and carbine hook on. Fit the cam cleat onto the pad eye mount next to your seat. This is to secure the actual anchor trolley to the front or rear position. You will need to decide how you secure your anchor warp or reel.


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