Volunteer work to reward kids

Many of the Johnson outdoors Pro Staff's from all over the country volunteer their time throughout the year to help several different charities, organizations, veterans groups , kids and non-profit groups. Pro staffers volunteer not only to take individuals from these groups fishing but also as weigh masters at tournaments doing seminars, camping trips, duck and deer hunting as well as kayaking. All of us take great pride in what we do and enjoy helping others and giving back to our communities.
This is one of those stories. 

My name is Capt. Fil Spencer and each year I get with several charter schools and take kids from each school with perfect attendance out on a sightseeing/ kayaking fishing trip.The kids know there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and each year there seems to be more of them.  
Most of these kids have never been on a kayak and many of them have never even fished before.
We started this day in Aransas Pass at the Lighthouse lakes park. I not only wanted the kids to learn about nature but also the historic lighthouse itself. The only way to get there was by boat or kayak. Before we went on the site seeing/ history trip the kids we're very excited and wanted to learn how to catch fish on artificial lures.

After giving them a crash course on how to rig them as well as cast and retrieve them they were ready to go. We managed to catch a few fish, after showing the kids, letting them look and touch the fish they were all released unharmed. This was a great lesson in conservation.

I had taken several small nets and after we were through fishing the kids were able to run those through the grass beds and pick up all kinds of small shrimp, crabs and other sea life. They really enjoyed this and couldn't get over the amount of sea life in just one small grass bed.
After taking a break and getting a bite to eat out on the water it was time for the sightseeing history tour. The kids were able to get up close to lots of different wildlife like birds,ducks and even a small sea turtle. They also learn about the historic lighthouse and how it played a key role in the Civil War.

One of the kids came up to me and said "being able to see it, touch it with this hands-on experience was so much better then reading about it and looking at photos in a classroom".
After returning back to the school the kids were so excited to tell and show pictures to all of their other classmates. Everyone had a great time and the kids said they weren't going to miss a day of school next year and we're looking forward to going again.
It gives me a great sense of pride sharing the love of the sport with others and all of the kids learned that there is so much more to do in the great outdoors you just have to get out and live the adventure.
Capt. Fil Spencer.
Johnson outdoors premiere pro staffer.

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