Winter Time Redfish And New Rod

Early in the week I received my new Okuma Shadow Stalker Inshore Series rod which is new for 2015.  Of course I was wanting to get out the water and get it on a fish.  After checking on the tides and the weather I planned to head to my area late morning around 11-12am.  Low tide was 1pm and I wanted to fish a bit before it switched.  I was pretty excited about the late low tide as this gives the water some time to warm up and to bring the energy up in the redfish as well.  It hasn’t been TOO cold lately but still a couple degrees can make a difference and with a new rod coming with me I wanted every opportunity I could get.

My first thoughts on the rod was that it was a simple, solid, quality rod for only $100.00.  24 ton carbon graphite blank, fiji guides, a sexy cork layout for the handle area and the comfort of it being backed by a lifetime warranty.  Now this rod is not the “top dawg” of rods but this IS that rod you buy that is the perfect balance of quality and that “ehhh I don’t care if it gets banged up” kinda rod.  I can tell you in this price range this IS top quality.  I have owned redbones and low end st. croixs and this rod just felt and looked way better.  The rod I was using was the 7’5” 8-17lb version.  I was throwing the tiny 2.5″ TPE Manic Shrimp (with Pro-Cure on it) from Savage Gear and I was able to make some loooong casts.  This is just one of those rods where you can’t go wrong with it.  It does it’s job and will keep doing it’s job for a long time.

Now back to the good stuff.  The day was beautiful on the water, sunny at first then cloudy later in the day.  I brought my cousin with who usually doesn’t want to go with me as he is a little impatient and likes to make a million cast.  I am the complete opposite as I will not cast if I don’t see the fish.  We worked the area only to find a couple randoms out and about.  I was a bit stumped as to where the redfish were so I kept looking.  I headed up a small creek knowing there should be two up there (we spooked them earlier).  To my astonishment there was I think 5 redfish in the small narrow creek just BUSTING up the bait.  One nearly came clean out of the water chasing bait,  but as I said I don’t really cast if I don’t see them.  Meaning these redfish stayed a little too deep and can the water so muddy I couldn’t make them out, so we ended up spooking them.  I continued to push to the end of the creek and that is when I found a stud coming down creek.  Fish was around 28-30 inches, he flopped in before a measurement was taken.  I hope you all enjoy the video and if you have any questions about winter time redfish or the new rod please use the contact form and shoot me an email!  Good luck out there!

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Kayaks Used

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