Winter storms

 I am an expedition kind of angler. Most of the salt-water angling I do is in north Norway some 2200 kilometers from my home and I love the cold Barents Sea and its harsh environment. Not many have properly fished these areas from a kayak before except of course for the original kayak anglers descending from Greenland, North Norway and the area around the Barents Sea.
 This winter I had a plan to reach the shoals of Skrei cod that show up at winter every year. I had it all planned well. I had a spot to launch where the paddle would be manageable and it was all set to go. The day before the departure the camp owner called me up to tell me it was a no go. There had been constant storms for the last three weeks and the ferries no longer crossed from Bodö to Moskenes meaning if I still insisted on going I would have had to drive around the bay, adding at least 700 kilometers to the trip on winter roads that at any time could be shut down due to the weather. Not even commercial fishermen went out. So, I had to make the boring decision to let the trip pass. The season is very short and I only had the one chance. However, there is always next year and by then I will be ready if I even get half a chance at going out.

Kayaks Used