Yellowtail Snapper

Pan Seared Yellow Tail Snapper
Yellow Tail Snapper, Golden Potato, Cabbage, Pineapple, Cilantro, Lime

Serves 2
2 Yellow Tail snapper filets
3 Golden Potatoes
1 cup Julienne cabbage
1 Julienne red pepper
1 cup Pineapple, rough chopped
2 teaspoon Mayonnaise
1/4 bunch of Cilantro (as desired, to taste)
1 lime
1 TBSP Rum
4 TBSP butter
¼ cup half and half or milk
Snapper:  Melt 2 tbsp of butter in pan, in a medium high heat non-stick pan.  Pat dry snapper filet and season with salt and pepper.  Cook until you see a golden crust forming up the sides of the snapper-once you achieve this turn over the snapper and turn the heat off. This will let you achieve a good crispy texture on your fish without over cooking.
Potatoes:   Boil in salted water until you are able to run them through a ricer, once potatoes are cooked, whip them with half and half and 2 tbsp. butter, add salt and pepper to taste.
Cilantro, Lime and Cabbage salad:  Fine dice the cilantro, finely julienne the cabbage (a mandolin works wonder with this) and the red pepper.   You are going to dress your salad with a Pineapple Lime Aioli. This is very simple, in a blender add pineapple chunks, a shot of rum and squeeze of a lime and the mayonnaise. Blend until smooth. Toss your salad in the aioli and let sit for about 5 minutes before eating. This is a playful and simple way to enjoy the mild flavor of snapper. 
Wine Pairing:  Pair with a fairly crisp Chardonnay or any kind or Pinot Grigio, with any notes of pear in it. Hope you enjoy.

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