Youth Anglers Need A Platform, Too!

It’s been a pretty beautiful weekend, so, I decided to take my 4-year old, Riley, out in the canals behind our house, this morning. We are very fortunate to live right on the St. John’s River, and it’s times like these, where we might only have a couple hours to spend on the water, that I can make some awesome memories with my fishin’ buddy.

It’s been raining a lot the last few days, and the river is up, pretty high. Probably about 2 feet higher than it normally is. This makes launching in our canal extremely easy, because you can literally step off the dock onto your kayak. I had Riley get all of our fishin’ gear out to the dock, while I wheeled around my Old Town Predator 13! Paddling down the canal to Grandma’s.

Riley’s Great Grandmother lives two streets over on the same canal system off of the St. John’s River, and we paddled over to her house. Of course, we got there, and she took some pictures of us out on the water. I let Riley off on her dock to go see if she was home, and I heard an intense humming above me, and thought it was something electrical about to go down, but it was simply just about a 10,000 bees, no exaggeration! They’re were a few different species of bee on this Golden Rain Tree that sits over my Grandmother’s dock. Definitely a crazy sight!

After a few minutes of talking, we decided to go over to the next canal to see if we could catch a few bass. Now, with the water being up so high, it really throws off the strategies to catch fish, especially for a semi-impatient 4-year-old. He’s really good when he’s able to do what he wants, but I think we all are. Haha! He decided today that he wanted stand and fish out of the Predator. Now, he’s done this before, so it wasn’t anything to think about, but he actually stood up on the platform that I had custom fit to the Predator Mold, to sit underneath the front two accessory plates. It was funny, because at one point, he looked back at me like, “You better not try to push me in,” and I started laughing, and of course was given the orders to stop my non-sense from SGT. Riley.

I’m going to put together a How-To on this versatile platform, that can easily suit a soft seat for your youngin’ to sit in and apparently even stand on! It really makes me happy that I’m able to take out my son in the kayak, as much as I do. I wish I could do this every day, but in order for that to happen, I would have to win the lottery that I don’t play.

We didn’t catch any fish, but we did hook up to a baby gator that came out of no-where! Luckily, that gator wasn’t actually hooked and only holding on to Riley’s 3.5″ Wedgetail, and it actually let go after it realized that we were on the other end of the line!

Riley didn’t care that we didn’t catch fish, he just wanted to get out and be on the water, and to me, that’s more important that catching. He even told me, “That’s why they call it fishing!”

Take your kids fishing! Make some memories and take some pictures! It’s going to be worth a lot more than beating a video game!

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