Bassin' in the Predator XL Minn Kota

Blake Walters shows the effortless maneuverability of the XL

2015 Kayak Fishing Classic Tournament - Mosquito Lagoon

A winding tournament makes for new challenges

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What Is Adventure on the Water

Johnson Outdoors Watercraft Inc., home to some of the most storied brands in the paddlesports industry is also the proud supporter of an intrepid group of individuals who exemplify an adventurous outdoor lifestyle.  Our diverse team covers a range of locations, personalities and skillsets with one underlying fact binding them together, they are happier on the water than most folks are on land. 

Adventure On the Water is a website dedicated to showcasing their exploits and helping people discover the possibilities, fun and even extreme adventures from the world of paddling and kayak fishing. Our team includes pro anglers and paddle enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. We’ve grouped them into three levels: Premiere Pro-Staff, Pro-Staff and Adventure Team. Premier Pro-Staff members are anglers and outdoorsmen that are at the leading edge of their sport.  Premier Pro-Staff members are viewed as world class anglers and accomplished outdoorsmen by their peers and the public.  Our Pro-Staff members are anglers and outdoorsmen that participate regularly at the upper levels of their sport and showcase above average performance in the field. Adventure Team members are anglers and outdoorsmen that are passionate paddlers and skilled enthusiastic representatives of the great outdoors.  Our members are driven by a love for nature, fun and family, and the unrelenting desire to find that next great adventure on the water.

Adventure On The Water has something for everyone including great photos, videos and stories created and curated directly by our team.  Follow your favorite team member and watch as they paddle and fish their way through the season.  Learn about the different boats that they like to use, how they rig them out and the ways they like to fish.  Many of our team members have websites, YouTube pages and blogs of their own – follow the links from their bios to learn more or reach out to them with your questions.  In fact our team members love hearing from you so feel free to drop them a line.  If you live in their area they might even go out fishing with you or let you try out that kayak you were thinking of buying, like the all new Predator fishing kayak from Old Town Canoes & Kayaks.

As you enjoy the site, feel free to comment on anything you’ve watched, read or seen.  Simply click on the “Comments” button that appears when you hover over a thumbnail.  Ask questions, share on Facebook and become part of the conversation!  Our team is out there year round generating new and exciting stuff, come back and visit the site often to see what they are up to!  Remember to share with your friends to –

Our team members practice conservation and abide by the laws and regulations of their states and regions.  Whenever they are not practicing catch-and-release fishing in the field they are harvesting fish that will be eaten and appreciated, some of our team members actually fish professionally from their kayaks for a living, selling their prize catches to fine dining establishments.

Thanks for visiting!  Happy paddling and tight lines from all of us at Adventure On the Water!