There’s no doubt your body is different after breast augmentation. If you are into swimming, the first question running through your mind is, can you still enjoy your swimming sessions? Well, the answer is yes. However, there are a few things you need to know.

How Safe Is Swimming with Breast Implants?

As long as you go for the right implants, swimming is safe. Courtesy of the advancements in breast augmentation, we now have neutrally buoyant implants that feel the same as your natural breasts. The best implants on the market, for example, Motiva Ergonomix, move naturally with your body, so you can still freestyle or backstroke without any problem.

However, there’s a twist when it comes to competitive swimming. While the casual swimmer won’t experience any significant difference, competitive swimmers may be affected. A study conducted in the 1980s shows that breast implants lead to a slight drop in a swimmer’s speed. On average, a swimmer’s speed decreases by 9% to 20%. That said, you need to carefully discuss the impact of the implants with your surgeon before the procedure.

Another concern is, after how long can you get back in the water after breast surgery? For most women, it is safe to swim after 3-4 weeks as you would have healed. But this is something you should discuss with your doctor. You don’t want to mess things up just because you miss the water. Your doctor will check the healing progress and advise you accordingly.