Swimming in a pool during summer exposes your skin to chlorine, harsh sun, and other irritants. Chlorine-treated water can have adverse effects on your scalp and skin, giving you nasty green hair or scaly mermaid skin. However, there are tried-and-tested measures you can practice to protect your dear skin before and after taking a dip.

Pre Swimming Skincare

Put your worries to rest by prepping your skin in the following ways before jumping into a swimming pool.

Quick Shower

Bathing before swimming in a public pool is a must. The main idea is to minimize the amount of dirt that gets into a pool. But showering also hydrates your skin and reinforces the sunblock barrier so that it won’t absorb much of the pool water.

Waterproof Sunscreen

Waterproof sunscreen is a sure bet to avoid tanning, but most importantly, it creates a protective barrier on the skin, keeping off the chlorine from drying out your cells. Apply SPF sunscreen about 15 minutes before swimming to allow the skin to absorb the sunblock.

Barrier Cream

The acidic nature of chlorine can lead to contact dermatitis or red itchy skin. A good rule of thumb is to prep the skin with a cream barrier to avoid irritations. Combining your SPF with Verso Skincare will significantly reduce the risk of skin burn. Verso products come with Retinol 8, a unique Vitamin A complex that works eight times better than typical Retinol. It also comes highly recommended for curbing premature aging.

Sip More Water

The first line of defense against skin dehydration is sipping more water as you swim. You should start hydrating in the morning and continue throughout the day. That way, your skin will not tend to absorb pool water to make up for lost moisture. Don’t forget to apply Verso Lip Serum to reduce the chances of your lips getting irritated by pool water. So long as your body is moisturized, the chlorine will have a hard time penetrating.

Post Swimming Skincare

After a cool dip, observe these rules strictly:

Shower with Warm Water Immediately

It is tempting to lie down in the sun on a breezy day post-swim, but this is a terrible idea. Air-drying the skin only causes more dryness. Never let chlorinated water stay on the skin surface for long. So, take a quick lukewarm shower and use a cotton towel to pat your skin. Then you can go back to soak in the sun after applying a moisturizer and sunscreen.

Hydrating Cleanser and Moisturizer

Use a mild hydrating cleanser in the locker room to restore the pH of your skin which pool chemicals disrupt. Verso Facial Cleanser will give you a perfect foundation by removing excess oil, dead skin cells, and pollutants. It prepares your face for moisturizing regimens and makeup with active ingredients. It is gentle on all skin types, and you can use it every day for deep cleansing even when you’re not swimming. To the rest of the body, apply Verso Night Cream to calm and rejuvenate the skin. The Retinol 8 in the cream leaves you with a soft feeling and a younger look.