Fishing is the process that people use to catch fish or other aquatic creatures from water bodies. It could be for fun or business. Do you long to know more about this water sport? Below are some interesting facts about it.

Catfish Have Thousands of Taste Buds

It is believed that catfish possess more than 27,000 taste buds. This is over thrice what human beings have since they are only 9,000.

Fishing Has Been Around for Centuries

Humans began fishing at least 40,000 years ago. The techniques to do so have improved over time. The most popular fishing method is the traditional one, which utilizes a fishing pole, an artificial bait, and a reel.

Fish Also Make Loud Sounds

Like us humans, fish are not afraid to make loud sounds. The croaker is the most audible fish on earth.

A Fishing License Matters

The United States requires adults who want to fish to have a license issued by the state where they plan to practice the activity.

Fishing Pollutes Oceans

Many activities are known to pollute oceans today. One of them is fishing, as most people dispose of various waste products into the water body.