For those who enjoy water-based activities such as fishing and surfing, their pursuits may often be curtailed by the weather. When it comes to surfing, the wind conditions need to be suitable, and a careful study of the waves is necessary. Keen anglers would hope to fish all year round, but this isn’t always possible if the weather doesn’t co-operate. There needs to be another hobby that brings equal pleasure, and for many people, that is indoor gardening.

Looking After House Plants

Anglers, in particular, have a keen affinity with nature, and you would think that looking after plants would come naturally to them. However, if they are not blessed with green fingers, their best option would be to download the planta app, thus ensuring they will never kill a plant again. This helpful app has a great range of features covering every aspect of looking after indoor plants.

Help Your Plants Thrive

There are many necessary tasks required to ensure that your indoor plants thrive in all situations. For those whose minds maybe elsewhere, dreaming of fishing perhaps, the Planta app can be set up to produce reminders. You can schedule watering times, be notified when fertilizer is required, and even if re-potting is necessary. The app also has an invaluable light meter, which advises you which plants would be suitable for each room in your house.

Plant Identification

You may be able to quickly identify dozens of different fish species, but plants are another matter altogether. If you are not sure precisely what the plants in your home are, the app can identify them and also provide handy information on how to care for them. It’s simply a case of taking a picture of a plant, and the app will do the rest. And if despite your good intentions, your plants develop a problem, then you can refer to Dr. Planta to find out what’s wrong and how to treat it.

Looking after indoor plants is a great hobby when it’s not suitable for water-based activities.