Surfing is an exciting sport with lots of fans worldwide. If you want to become a legendary surfer, you must master the rules of this sport. It’s the only way to enjoy all the benefits that it provides and stay safe. Some of these rules are:

Never Drop In

When it comes to surfing, dropping in is against the rules. Two surfers should never ride the same wave, especially if they are moving in the same direction. Whenever you drop in, you show the other surfer that you don’t respect them, and it also endangers both of you.

Don’t Ditch Your Board

This is another rule to follow when you’re surfing. Surfboards are necessary but dangerous. Never throw yours and ensure that you wear a leash. Throwing this surfing equipment is risky. It could kill another surfer if it hits various parts of their body.

Avoid Snaking

Did you know that most surfers think that snaking is even more offensive than dropping in? This usually happens in crowded line-ups and is done by experienced surfers. The thing is, paddling other surfers so that you can reach the peak is extremely rude. Although catching all the waves feels good, it’s unfair to others. Plus, no one likes wave hogs.

Don’t Cross Another Surfer’s Way

It is also necessary to stay out of the way of another surfer. Should you realize that you are likely to cross their path when they’re riding a wave, avoid going to that wave’s unbroken part.

There are more surfing rules. Please ensure you learn them before you begin surfing.